Warmly celebrate the Bai Jian electronic technology official web site revision success on the line

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In order to enhance corporate image, strengthen the propaganda, to create favorable conditions for the company's business and development, to highlight the size and strength of Bai Jian electronic technology limited company, the better to show the image of the company, Bai Jian electronic website http:// www./ in August 1, 2012 the successful upgrade.

After the revision of the site, the site development program and the application of advanced design idea, to experience with a new vision; on the layout, page design, web content and function for the big adjustment, page appearance, reasonable structure, rich in content, easy to read. The overall style is designed more creative, simple, beautiful, convenient, practical features of the website after the revision of the.

Bai Jian electronic official website fusion of preaching, etc. and FAQ - create, create a new Bai Jian electronic news system, and introduced the enterprise culture, values, social responsibility and brand the four plate, let the social from all walks of life can be more in-depth understanding of Bai Jian electronics.

The website aims to provide better service to customers, provide a full range of network platform for the attention of double quotes from all walks of life. The new site, new starting point, welcome everybody to know and understand the Bai Jian electronics, to witness the development of Bai Jian electronic later.

Here, thank you for Bai Jian electronic official website since the long term support, I hope you will continue to pay attention to support, and with more valuable advice!
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