ISSI introduce new bulb used TRIAC dimmable LED driver chip

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ISSI introduce new bulb used TRIAC dimmable LED driver chip
Analog incandescent AccuDim patented technology to achieve high power factor close to 100% compatible dimming

February 12, 2013 (newswire), San Jose, California, in the advanced Memory and analog IC solutions in a leadership position ISSI released Flicker-Free TM series of the first chip, IS31LT3935. The ISSI latest solid-state lighting (SSL) LED controller chip with a patent pending on the AccuDim dimming nuclear technology. AccuDim is an advanced patented technology which enables all dimmers remain in the high power factor condition, performance done by simulating the actual incandescent dimmer. In addition to providing nearly 100% compatible with the leading edge, trailing edge and digital triac dimmers designed using Flicker-Free's IS31LT3935 will use fewer components to achieve effective cost savings.

"International Energy Bill drove customers to use new LED lighting to replace traditional incandescent" simulations Ven Shan, vice president of products, commented, "Unfortunately, in order to triac-based new LED market showed poor performance, phase cut dimmer lights can also cause annoying flicker generated in order to solve this dimmer compatibility issues, Flicker-Free IS31LT3935 adopted AccuDim chip technology, the new LED lamps have like incandescent in the entire dimming range The linear dimming feature. "

IS31LT3935 is a current-mode high-power, high-efficiency, low-cost small size, can be applied to 120V/230V AC lamps LED driver chips. This design uses a single-stage controller can achieve near unity power factor, as high-efficiency (up to 87%) of the incandescent lamp. Other features include reduced EMI, shaking frequency switching technology, safety features such as input voltage protection, over-temperature protection with hysteresis, undervoltage protection, and AC power supply UVLO function. Control IC feature allows the product through EMI international standard tests.

IS31LT3935 Buck mode can be configured for high-frequency converters, or the primary-side control flyback converters. Any mode of operation can achieve a small size low cost solution. Although IS31LT3935 at 90V ~ 260VAC wide input voltage, no flicker reference design can be optimized solution, if you want to use fewer components to reduce costs allows the device to operate at input voltages as special 100V ~ 120V, 220V or 240V AC voltage of up to 25W of power. These optimizations can be overall cost savings for customers and achieve high performance for small-sized new bulb lighting design.

Packaging, Pricing and Availability
IS31LT3935 currently sampling phase and will start mass production in 2013 Q2 quarter. IS31LT3935 use of tiny finned DFN-10 (3mm x3mm) package, $ 0.89 per 1000.

ISSI high brightness LED product line
ISSI high brightness LED product line for most types of solid-state lighting (SSL) provides a variety of devices, including the MR-16, GU-10, PAR bulb, street lights, emergency lights, car lights and so on. Nuclei with AccuDim dimming flicker compatible product line offers true triac. Device through the battery voltage, low voltage AC or DC, and AC line input voltage to operate. HBLED product line is easy to use for simple circuits, and shorten time-to-market customers.

About ISSI
ISSI is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops, sells high-performance semiconductor products stored for (1) Car; (2) communication; (3) industrial, medical, military; (4) digital products market. Our main products are high speed and low power SRAM and low-level density DRAM, also designs and sells flash memory products, high-performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit products. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, the global offices in Europe, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, India and South Korea. For more information please visit our website
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